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Model Based

eBook: How To Prepare to be a Model-Based Enterprise

Model-Based Enterprise, or MBE, is a concept gaining traction as organizations seek to capitalize on the digitization and digitalization they’re achieving with different enterprise data management platforms. Learn the purpose and value of MBE, as well as what your organization needs to do to succeed.
Juliann Grant
February 27, 2023

Summary of Dassault’s MBSE Cyber Experience Symposium

Read the Summary of Dassault's MBSE Cyber Experience Symposium. Multiple sessions centered on the architecture modeling capabilities of CATIA Magic System of Systems Architect, but most sessions covered two main topics: Systems Modeling, using SysML, and Systems Simulation, via intrinsic CATIA Magic tools.
Juliann Grant
March 3, 2022

Many Paths to a Digital Thread

Digital Thread is a popular buzzword today, and once you learn the definition it is hard to argue against having one in any engineering organization. Agreeing that digital threads are nice, and setting about building a digital thread, are two entirely different things.
Jonathan Scott
August 18, 2020
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