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Why Digital Twin is Mission Critical for Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing Companies

Defense spending in the USA and Europe is set to increase dramatically over the next few years. To scale effectively and meet their deadlines, A&D manufacturers must leverage Digital Twin technology. Digital Twin is not merely a nice-to-have; it is mission critical for the success of A&D manufacturing companies and the security of the nations that depend on them. In this article Evan Sloss, Razorleaf's Senior Director, Sale Europe, discusses 7 points that need to be considered.
Evan Sloss
June 10, 2024

eBook: How To Prepare to be a Model-Based Enterprise

Model-Based Enterprise, or MBE, is a concept gaining traction as organizations seek to capitalize on the digitization and digitalization they’re achieving with different enterprise data management platforms. Learn the purpose and value of MBE, as well as what your organization needs to do to succeed.
Juliann Grant
February 27, 2023
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