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About Paul Gimbel

Paul, Business Process Sherpa, was the founder of the Design Automation and Business Process groups within Razorleaf. Paul plays a unique role within Razorleaf as both a member of the senior management team and feet-on-the-streets consultant. A degreed mechanical engineer, Paul became enticed by the technology in 3D MCAD and eventually founded a SolidWorks reseller that grew for ten years into one of the largest in the Eastern U.S. Along the way, working with hundreds of companies to streamline their design practices has intensified Paul’s focus into the use of technology to improve Engineering design and other business processes.

DriveWorks 3D Preview: Tips and Tricks

Visualization can be key in helping your users understand what they are configuring and what your customers will be ordering. And while 3D is a great way to provide an unambiguous representation of a product that may not even exist yet, generating 3D content […]

Better, Faster, Stronger: DriveWorks Performance Tips

Recent studies have found that when it comes to how long users are willing to wait for their interactions with a software, they’re not. There’s no way to determine what a reasonable refresh time is because you don’t have reasonable users. So all that we can do is look at the components of the DriveWorks implementation and optimize as many of the steps as we can. 

Automating the Automation: Making DriveWorks Run Itself

DriveWorks provides a fantastic suite of tools that allows us to create user interfaces where we can capture complete, accurate, manufacturable information which can be used to generate designs and outputs. But there are cases when the front end of a configurator may already exist or our input information is coming from somewhere other than a user entering into a form.

DriveWorks 17 Revealed

Razorleaf has obtained exclusive information on DriveWorks 17 PreRelease only available to Razorleaf (or anyone else that attended the DriveWorks World conference in Chicago, or select individuals that attended SOLIDWORKS World, and a few others). Well it’s time to break the silence and release the 411 on DriveWorks 17.