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About Paul Gimbel

Paul, Business Process Sherpa, was the founder of the Design Automation and Business Process groups within Razorleaf. Paul plays a unique role within Razorleaf as both a member of the senior management team and feet-on-the-streets consultant. A degreed mechanical engineer, Paul became enticed by the technology in 3D MCAD and eventually founded a SolidWorks reseller that grew for ten years into one of the largest in the Eastern U.S. Along the way, working with hundreds of companies to streamline their design practices has intensified Paul’s focus into the use of technology to improve Engineering design and other business processes.

Error and Event Handling in DriveWorks

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Revenge of the Calculation Tables

Learn how intelligent use of dynamic calculation tables in DriveWorks can result in a very powerful implementation. Understand the key to calculation table performance and how to create series of equ