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Razorleaf Announces Services Partnership with Ansys

Razorleaf Announces Services Partnership with Ansys

Razorleaf today announced a strategic services partnership with Ansys for the Minerva platform powered by Aras, a centralized simulation knowledge management application. This platform secures critical simulation data and provides process and decision support to simulation teams […]

Webinar Series: Achieving a Connected Digital Thread

Razorleaf is hosting an exclusive webinar series on Achieving a Connected Digital Thread.  In September, our experts will showcase how the Digital Thread can improve communication, collaboration and decision making across the product lifecycle - engineering design, manufacturing, supply chain, quality. and service.

3DEXPERIENCE Forum: A Virtual Journey

The 3DEXPERIENCE Forum has moved to a Virtual meeting format and will hold its first meeting July 29th.  There are four meetings planned over a span of four months.  Each conference will address the latest in topics on manufacturing and supply chain, design and innovation, modeling and simulation, and Cloud solutions.  This virtual forum delivers thought-provoking and actionable content presented by industry leaders, influencers, and Dassault Systèmes experts.

Digital Thread Assessment

Razorleaf is excited to launch the Digital Thread Maturity Assessment for manufacturing organizations to help determine their stage in the Digital Thread Journey.  Manufacturers require a traceable, reliable digital thread to keep the critical processes, data, and structures moving forward.  Our assessment can help your organization identify the data, files and contextual information required to support your engineering processes and determine integration points required for a successful Digital Thread.

Model Based Acronym Disambiguation

The acronyms of MBE, MBe, MBD, and MBSE all generate some consternation in model based conversations because of the overlap among them in capabilities and the similarities among nomenclature. My good friend Chad Jackson wrote about this back in 2016, but I think the confusion still exists today and we need to throw MBe into the conversation for good measure. I just hope no one introduces MBd any time soon!