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Juliann Grant

MBE Insights for Manufacturers: Stay Sharp Episode 33

Episode 33 of Razorleaf’s Stay Sharp podcast, Model Based Challenges in Manufacturing, features our co-hosts Jen Ferello and Jonathan Scott interviewing aerospace manufacturing veteran Jeff Gleeson, who possesses more than three decades of experience using and innovating production business practices at Lockheed Martin. The trio dig deep into what the transformation from traditional approaches to model-based enterprise (MBE) can involve, the change of culture or mindset required, and the biggest challenges to the transformation.
Juliann Grant
May 24, 2024

Razorleaf is a Silver Sponsor at COExperience 2024

Razorleaf will be exhibiting at COExperience in Dallas, Texas, as a Silver Sponsor. COE is a fantastic event where we can meet with the users of the 3DEXPERIENCE community to share ideas and discuss what is working when it comes to digital transformation efforts around ENOVIA, CATIA, and more. Visit the Razorleaf team at booth C4.
Juliann Grant
May 10, 2024

Demystifying CAD vs PLM Data Migration: Stay Sharp Episode 31

In Episode 31 of Razorleaf’s Stay Sharp podcast, Demystifying CAD vs PLM Data Migration, hosts Jonathan Scott and Jen Ferello are joined by special guest Annalise Suzuki. As the Vice President of Technology and Engagement at Elysium, a company focused on 3D data operability, Annalise is an expert on “the devil in the details” of data migration. Jonathan, Jen, and Annalise discuss the differences between CAD and PLM migration, their similarities and differences, and some best practices for preparing and managing your data conversion project.
Juliann Grant
May 9, 2024

More About CLM, Part 2: Stay Sharp Episode 29

In Episode 29 of Razorleaf’s Stay Sharp podcast, Configuring Success: Unpacking the Essentials of Configuration Lifecycle Management, Part 2, hosts Jonathan Scott and Jen Ferello continue the conversation they began in Stay Sharp Episode 27, Configuring Success: Unpacking the Essentials of Configuration Lifecycle Management, Part 1.
Juliann Grant
April 28, 2024

When Life Happens to Partnerships: Stay Sharp Episode 28

In Episode 28 of Razorleaf’s Stay Sharp podcast, Partnerships – When Life Happens, Part 2, hosts Jonathan Scott and Jen Ferello continue the conversation they began in Stay Sharp Episode 24: Choosing the Right Partner. This time around, they specifically address what happens to partnerships when scope changes, relationships change, and things go differently than expected—whether that’s good or bad.
Juliann Grant
April 26, 2024

Razorleaf France Team Speaks at BIM World: Revolutionizing Construction

Join our Razorleaf France team at BIM World at the Paris Expo on 3-4 April 2024. We will be participating in the Dassault Systémes Booth #C70. Our team will be making a presentation at booth C70 on April 4, 2024 at 11:30 am to 11:45 am. Speakers: Nordine Marouf, Jihed Omrani, and Jibril Sakho will present the topic, Revolutionizing Construction by Embracing Digital Transformation.
Juliann Grant
March 25, 2024

CIMdata Report: The Digital Thread, A Key Enabler for Success

The pressure on manufacturers to deliver more and better products faster doesn’t let up. To rise to the challenge, they need to develop new processes that will give them the efficiency, agility, and collaboration they need to take advantage of market opportunities and remain competitive. One of the most critical tools in their toolbox is the digital thread: a collection of all data about a product from all points in the product lifecycle. While the concept is simple, significant technology is required to integrate the multitude of data streams from disparate enterprise software or platforms. That’s what a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution is made for. Evaluating Service Providers and Solutions CIMdata has developed a set of critical success factors to help manufacturers evaluate both products and service providers as potential partners in a digital transformation effort. PLM expertise: Data integration experts with “deep technical and business knowledge” and a wealth of experience with PLM integrations. PLM plus: Potential partners with thorough knowledge of a variety of PLM solutions. Global reach: A partner that can think globally about your global operations processes. An eye for ROI: A critical ability to accurately scope a project and offer a realistic and competitive price. Process translators: Not only…
Juliann Grant
March 19, 2024
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