Aras Innovator Activity Variables in Workflow

Workflow processes in Aras Innovator can have their own metadata (in addition to tasks, voting details, an electronic signature, and the metadata of routed content). This workflow-specific metadata is in the form of activity variables, which can be defined by the administrator on a per-process-type basis. Aras Innovator workflow activity variables can be used for […]

Progress Meter in BasicScript for SmarTeam

BasicScript is a very useful tool for prototyping ENOVIA SmarTeam customizations and for writing short, focused scripts or macros. The BasicScript Editor is installed with every Windows client of SmarTeam and has a simple interface that even non-developers find accessible – it’s sort of like the VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) of the SmarTeam world. […]

ENOVIA SmarTeam SQLMonitor

ENOVIA SmarTeam Editor constantly interacts with the underlying database server to send and retrieve data. It can be very useful to monitor the SQL statements the application uses to interact with the database, especially in a troubleshooting scenario. This article describes the step-by-step process for enabling the SQLMonitor capabilities of ENOVIA SmarTeam Editor. 

PLM-ERP Communication with ENOVIA SmarTeam

The automated exchange of data between a PLM system and an ERP system is a goal many organizations spend a considerable amount of effort trying to achieve.  Most of the time, there are significant customizations involved with this effort.  ENOVIA SmarTeam’s Engineering Express (SNE) solution provides provides some out-of-the-box tools to help you achieve PLM-ERP communication with […]