Surface Area Configuration for SQL Server

Surface Area – noun – the total area of a surface or surfaces, especially the outside surfaces of an object (according to the Macmillan dictionary)

If we apply this definition to the world of IT security, it refers to the amount of exposure a system has to potential attackers. In Microsoft SQL Server, there are a number of services, ports, and connections that can be configured to control the amount of area (surface area) is exposed.
Starting with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (including Express), there is a Configuration tool called SQL Server 2005 Surface Area Configuration.

Moving SQL Databases and Retaining Users

If you’ve ever tried to pack up and move a SQL Server database from one computer to another, you’ve probably noticed that the permissions and users won’t line up between the two machines.  Even if you create accounts with the same usernames on the target machine, the users from one SQL Server are not recognized by the […]

Razorleaf Helpdesk: Help Us Help You

We regularly have clients ask us what information they should gather concerning a support issue, prior to calling the Razorleaf helpdesk.  So we thought it made sense to answer that question publicly.  Here’s how you can “help us, help you.” 

Using SQL Replace

Have you ever wanted to globally replace one value with another inside of a database? Have you ever wanted to globally alter string data replacing one word with another in a database? If so, the SQL Replace statement could be just what you’re looking for!

BizTalk and SmarTeam Gateway Settings

We recently encountered an issue with using Microsoft BizTalk server to exchange data between SmarTeam and an ERP system. Here’s the scenario:

1) Smarteam Gateway sends a message to update items in an ERP system (Via Microsoft BizTalk Server)

2) ERP system sends an acknowledgement back to SmarTeam Gateway Inbound (Via Microsoft BizTalk Server).

The problem we encountered when doing this was the following error when a large number of messages are sent in rapid succession:

“Inbound Processor is not in appropriate state to start processing”

SmarTeam Support Website Moving

For those of you who have become accustomed to finding information at the website, please take notice… Dassault Systemes will be shutting down access to the site at some point in the near future.  Dassault is steering customers to the new, expanded multi-brand support site at  You can access the new site directly at