ENOVIA SmarTeam V5-6R2013 Released

ENOVIA V5-6R2013 LogoENOVIA SmarTeam V5-6R2013 was recently released, and there are a few noteworthy points about the release. This is the thirteenth release of ENOVIA SmarTeam version 5 (the first release of V5 was V5R10 and V5R15 was skipped), and it includes very limited enhancements as well as a number of bug fixes. Notable aspects of the release include:

  • Licensing: ENOVIA SmarTeam V5-6R2013 does not support LUM licensing. DSLS licenses are required for this version. You can read more about the transition from LUM to DSLS here.
  • Windows 7 LogoSupported Platforms: ENOVIA SmarTeam V5-6R2013 drops support for all 32-bit clients and servers; only 64-bit machines are certified on this version of SmarTeam. Additionally, Windows 7 64-bit is the only client OS supported, although both the initial release and SP1 of Windows 7 are supported.
  • CAD Versions Support: ENOVIA SmarTeam V5-6R2013 introduces support for new versions of almost every integrated CAD system, including: Solid Edge ST4 64-bit, SolidWorks 2013 64-bit, AutoCAD 2013 64-bit, Inventor 2013 64-bit, and CATIA V5-6R2013 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • Viewers:
    • ENOVIA SmarTeam V5-6R2013 introduces support for version 20.2 of the AutoVue Viewer, and replaces AutoVue Desktop Version with AutoVue Desktop Deployment. The change from Desktop Version to Desktop Deployment is minor relative to functionality, but Oracle is moving the Desktop Version to end-of-life. AutoVue Desktop Deployment includes some updated underlying technologies when compared with AutoVue Desktop Version.
    • The DS Viewer is replaced by the 3DVIA Viewer (aka 3DLive Examine) in ENOVIA SmarTeam V5-6R2013. Not coincidentally, 3DLive Examine is the main viewer provided with ENOVIA V6, and ENOVIA SmarTeam V5-6R2013 supports the latest version of 3DLive Examine, V6R2013x. If you’re looking for this in the SmarTeam media files, remember that it may still be referred to as the 3DVIA Viewer.
  • Bug Fixes: ENOVIA SmarTeam V5-6R2013 closed numerous bugs on almost every module of SmarTeam, including the SolidWorks integration, CATIA integration, Editor, Web Editor, and Multi-Site, just to name a few.
  • Enhancements: Both Design Copy and Upload Documents (an Express Tool) were updated, with new capabilities added. Upload Documents is now accessible via the API and can be further automated.

ENOVIA SmarTeam V5-6R2013 (V5R23 according to the legacy release numbering schema) is now generally available for Dassault customers on active support agreements, and includes a number of new/updated capabilities. HourglassThe most notable changes in this release are licensing, supported platforms and integrated applications, and changes to the viewers. Razorleaf expects a number of SmarTeam customers to consider this upgrade as end-of-support approaches for a number of earlier releases of ENOVIA SmarTeam V5 (full support ended for V5R20 in October 2012). Please contact us if you have any questions or need a hand with your ENOVIA SmarTeam upgrade.

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