ENOVIA SmarTeam Transform Tool

SmarTeam Transform Tool lets admins change class for PDM objects to repair problems, migrate data, and enforce standards.

Razorleaf SmarTeam Transform Tool LogoTraditionally, users learning SmarTeam are always told, “once you create an object, you can’t change its class.” But that doesn’t mean that the need for class changing doesn’t come up regularly. Razorleaf’s SmarTeam Transform Tool addresses the need to change classes by allowing administrators and power users to select objects and switch them over to a new class within the SmarTeam class hierarchy. This saves time and energy and prevents the errors associated with deleting and recreating objects in the system.

Class change for an object in SmarTeam is a complex process, but the Transform Tool takes care of all the details, including:

  • Properly re-pointing SmarTeam links, including CAD-specific and workflow links
  • Mapping attribute data between different metadata fields (ID to Part Number, for instance)
  • Setting “static” values on the target object
  • Deleting the source object, or keeping it when required
  • Assigning sequence values on the target object
  • Skipping attributes that should not move from the source to the target
  • Management of class change settings via standard “Admin Settings” entries

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Razorleaf’s SmarTeam Transform Tool solves the complex problem of changing objects’ classes by giving authorized users a simple interface and handling all of the details in the background. Don’t let old data model decisions stand in the way of advancing your SmarTeam PLM system’s effectiveness – use this class changing tool to get your data organized the way you want it organized – today. With this tool, you can perform class changes quickly and safely, saving time and preventing errors in manipulating your critical data.

$8,000 / €8,000

per customer


ENOVIA SmarTeam V5R18, V5R19, V5R20, and V5R21
(please inquire about compatibility with other versions of SmarTeam)

Through your Dassault reseller
Through Razorleaf directly

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