What’s New VMware Workstation 7

You skipped Windows Vista, and now you really want to see if Windows 7 is worth the leap.  Or maybe you may want to test SQL Server 2008 installed on Windows Server 2008 for your PDM system.  For many IT professionals today, the solution of choice for these challenges is virtualization.  And if VMware is your virtualization brand of choice, you’ll be glad to know that VMware Workstation 7 is available, with some new features just for those of us in the CAD and 3D arenas.  VMware Workstation 7 enables you to provision virtual environments using the latest Microsoft operating systems as well as supporting 64bit and multiple CPU platforms all from a single physical workstation or notebook.  This robust support will enable you to start testing new combinations of operating systems and applications like the latest versions of CATIA, Enterprise PDM, ENOVIA SmarTeam, SolidWorks, ENOVIA V6, Inventor, Solid Edge, AutoCAD, Pro/Engineer, Aras Innovator and other servers and applications.  If you’re anything like us, you’re probably running multiple versions and combinations of these applications in your test environments and development environments, all on virtualization.

What about graphics support?  Virtualization vendors, including VMware, have been notorious for not supporting advanced graphics.  This is where version 7 of VMware’s workhorse product really steps up the game.  VMware Workstation 7 supports Windows Aero, DirectX 9 Shader Model (that’s fancy-speak for shading algorithms) and OpenGL 2.1 in a virtual machine.  This means if the environment you’re testing can take advantage of advanced graphics, the performance you experience should be much improved.  Of course it will never be as good as hardware supported graphics acceleration, but it should make the testing of graphics-intensive applications in a virtual environment a realistic option.  This is very relevant for those of us who regularly deal with CAD and other visualization tools.

There are several other enhancements in VMware Workstation 7 that make it worth serious consideration for your test or development environments.  Razorleaf uses VMware Workstation 7 for its virtual environments and recommends its use.  For more information contact us or visit the VMware website.

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