EPDM RevPack for Admins

RevPack for Admins can intelligently set the EPDM revision on thousands of files at once, saving hours of time and effort.

Rev Set Concept
There is no easy answer for manually setting advanced revision values for large volumes of files in EPDM. Razorleaf’s RevPack for Admins solves this tricky problem, letting administrators take charge of their SolidWorks Enterprise PDM revisions by jumping ahead several revisions in the revision sequence using the revision value stored in a file’s custom properties. And as great as this sounds for data migrations and legacy data loads, it can be equally helpful for cross-system collaboration, too.

With RevPack for Admins, EPDM system administrators can jump to any revision by reading the value from the custom property of the file. This can be particularly useful during data migrations and the loading of legacy files and drawings. And unlike manual processes or workflows that bump the revision sequence one value at a time, RevPack for Admins jumps the revision to the selected value without creating unnecessary revisions inbetween (setting the revision to “C” does not create revs “A” and “B”). Of course, if your data isn’t uniform, or you don’t have revision values stored in file custom properties, you may also want to consider RevPack for Users since it allows users to manually bump or jump the revision value on a file-by-file basis.

RevPack for Admins Screen CollageAnother interesting scenario where RevPack for Admins is valuable happens when files move from system to system, like when collaboration is taking place between partners or with customers. By keeping the revision value in the file’s custom properties, RevPack for Admins can read the updated rev into the database, letting EPDM pick up right where the external system or user left off. The tool is even smart enough to flag certain discrepancies and provide special handling for blank revision values. RevPack for Admins helps you regain control over your EPDM revisions, and with significant intelligence built-in.

RevPack for Admins is an incredibly powerful utility, but a tool like this can be dangerous without some level of control. You wouldn’t want users instantly updating the revision value on thousands of files all at once without properly weighing the consequences. The capabilities of RevPack for Admins are managed by file type, workflow, state, and user group. This provides precise control of which admins can control these revisions in which workflow states.

Razorleaf’s EPDM RevPack for Admins is available as a standalone product, or as part of RevPack Complete.



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